How much is FoCal in US dollars (or other currencies)?

The total US dollar amount will be shown before accepting the payment in the Reikan FoCal Store. To get an idea of the cost it's possible to do a straight currency conversion to the US dollar amount, easiest way to do that is via google, typing in the search term "convert X GBP to USD" for FoCal Pro download that's

Other currencies can be converted via google, you'll see the total amount before accepting payment in the online store, for example to get an idea of the cost in Euros a google search "convert X GBP to EUR" for FoCal Pro download gives as another example - for Canadian dollars the search would be "convert X GBP to CAN" for FoCal Pro download gives

The most popular option is to purchase FoCal in the Reikan FoCal Store and download the software. You can buy Reikan FoCal direct within the US, details on the blog Reikan FoCal Available in the USA.