How do I purchase Reikan FoCal?

FoCal Plus and FoCal Pro can be purchased as a software download or as a boxed product.

Purchasing FoCal via download is the most popular option with easy and quick access to download the software directly after purchase. You will need access to a printer in order to print your own FoCal Target or your can purchase a pre-printed Hard Target direct from the online FoCal Store or via our USA distributor.

It's also possible to purchase Reikan FoCal as boxed product and have it physically shipped to you. Boxed FoCal contains a quick start guide which explains how to obtain the most recent release of FoCal along with a 150mm pre-printed "hard target". More details and links to our distributors below.

FoCal can be purchased directly as a download via the secure online FoCal Store (store also links to UK and US distributors).

You can buy boxed FoCal direct within the US, details on the blog Reikan FoCal Available in USA.