Will I have to pay for updates?

When you purchase FoCal you are entitled to 12 months of software updates from your date of purchase. This includes the currently released version of FoCal and all software updates (both major and minor) released over the following 12 months.

When your included updates period expires you will continue to be able to use FoCal at the most recent release covered by your included updates period. A new 12 month included updates period can be purchased to gain access to more recently released versions of FoCal at a reduced cost, generally 40% of the current FoCal cost (40% of FoCal Plus download price or 40% of FoCal Pro download price depending on which version you're using).

The included updates period is also tied in to the comparison data within FoCal Pro. FoCal Pro allows users to compare their results with other FoCal users around the world while they are within their included updates period.

Purchase a new update period by logging into the License Management System and scrolling to the section titled FoCal "Included Updates Period" Status the button there will take you to the secure online store.